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The Lagos 2020 All Africa E-commerce Conference


To advocate and articulate for policies that enhances the rate of internet penetration and access in Africa.
Address issues of lack of critical e-commerce infrastructure such as power, broadband access, etc.
Promote policies that will increase the local contents of Africa’s e-commerce.

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To be in forefront of generating ideas and designing processes that enables giant strides in socio-economic development.


  • Design and mount interactive learning platforms that enable the generation of breakthrough ideas for sustainable socio-economic growth and development.

  • Engage in the publishing of books, journals, newspapers and viewspapers that document events and ideas that is making and shaping history.


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The abilities to attract and retain talent, in addition to having an effective talent management program, supports organisational out-performance.

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We offer a strategic approach to the acquisition, motivation, development and management of an organization’s human resources. 

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Offering a Project management advice that creates long-term asset value, and a return on investment that stands out in a competitive economy.

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The Lagos 2020 All Africa
E-commerce Conference

The conference will address the issue of lack of critical (e-commerce) infrastructure and the need to promote policies that increases the local contents of Africa's e-commerce.

Date: April 23 - 24, 2020
Fee: ₦100,000.00/person
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